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7 Nov 2019

Up until the industrial revolution, the majority of us were busy with staying safe and gaining our daily bread. As economies and prosperity grew, we have become richer, safer, urbanized and more connected than ever before. Through internet and IT, we are now constantly aware of bigger and more complex questions and issues than we ever had to think about in the past....

17 Apr 2019

According to Professor Geoffrey West, “You could not have evolved a complex system like an organism or a city – with an enormous number of components – without the emergence of laws that constrain their behavior in order for them to be resilient.” In this article, we will see how scientific research in complex systems can provide us with new tools to better understand th...

7 Jan 2019

“All this evening I've had a feeling of destiny closing in.”

                                           Leslie Howard (as Allan Squire) in

The Petrified Forrest (1935)


1 Nov 2018

Many investors, trading floor managers, fund of fund allocators and risk managers have at one time experienced unexpectedly large losses that were not predicted by their risk management systems. Some of these losses may have occurred in portfolios, which according to the risk reports only contained very little risk, perhaps they were predicted to be market neutral, well...

1 Sep 2018


The optimal structure is the one that is going to contribute to making potential investors happy and thus actually invest in it.

This paper focuses on the technical traps a young manager should avoid when setting up an alternative asset management structure. It shows as well that there is always a sol...

31 Aug 2018

Allan Larsson (2017): How can we understand the times we are living through? 

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