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Our Clients


“In addition to Supervisory Board member, Rikard was also on the audit and remuneration committees. He has the capacity to be both directive and coaching towards management. He helped us sharpen our strategic focus and result orientation. We especially value his coaching of management to improve risk awareness, reporting and sales processes."

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“Rikard has helped us navigate the Luxembourg fund landscape. His experience as investor means he really understands our business, including how best to handle complex and critical issues. As Chairman of our SICAV we rely his support for many matters, including risk. To have someone with his expertise and network is very valuable to us.”

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“Rikard and Frederique have been fantastic is supporting the establishment of Global Space Ventures through their in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg ecosystem and excellent relationships with all key service providers for Luxembourg funds.  They have made navigating a foreign environment a breeze and are always willing to help.”

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”We have been using Steendier for the setting up of Luxembourg fund structures. Their combination of long experiences as institutional investors and managers of operations, from small to large, gave us and our investors the comfort of having “boots on the ground” during the entire process.”

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“SteenDier has provided us with an independent director, now the chairman for our BirdsView Fund. We especially value his experience, contact network and thorough understanding of the fund’s service providers including his skill in handling critically important topics. The input he, as our board member, has provided us has been extremely valuable and effective. Having him with us remains important for our fund’s continued positive development.”

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